Media State presents exhibitions, events, forums and workshops which explore the connection between, and intervention of, media arts in our lives.

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Hard Copy

Hard Copy is a professional, strategic workshop on publishing the outcomes of, and criticism about, interdisciplinary creative art practices. Hardcopy is facilitated by Roger Malina, Executive Editor of the Leonardo publications and co-organised by ANAT and Creativity and Cognition Studios. Participants include key organsiations such as the Fibreculture Network, MC Journal, RealTime, Australia Council for the Arts, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Smart Internet Technology CRC, and the Australian Research Council.

We invite professionals in art criticism and interdisciplinary creative work to join the discussion in Adelaide. Pre Registration is Essential.

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Media States Forum

An in-depth investigation of the Media Arts intervention into public debates and spaces – focusing thematically on projects, perspectives and networks that intersect urban, regional and biological arenas.

Media artists work in public through mobile phone artwork, guerilla style projections, bio-art performances, architecturally embedded sound bytes and video in transportation nodes. Supporting these practices is a tapestry of Media Arts residential projects and networking across the Asia Pacific region. With the participation of Alison Carroll, Deborah Kelly, Steve Kurtz, and Roger Malina.

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Mobile Journeys

Mobile Journeys is an exhibition of art made for mobile phones, which will both inspire you and challenge the way you think about and use your phone.

These portable artworks are created by eight of Australia’s best known and emerging artists: Ian Andrews, Rebecca Cannon, Chris Fulham, Tina Gonsalves, Ian Haig, Shane Ingram, Megan Heyward and Mark Simpson. Their videos, games and wallpapers will be available for free distribution to your mp3 players, PDAs, and mobile phones, via an Aura Hypertag Billboard. Bring your mobile - forget your wallet!

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Project Partners

ANAT’s Media State program has been developed in partnership with the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts 2006, to showcase large-scale, engaging and unique media arts projects and events:

  • The Peoples' Portrait joins Adelaide with other global cities via large-scale publicly located portrait projections.
  • alva noto is a compelling audiovisual performance of sound compositions morphed into electronic projections.
  • Project 3 delivers a rich program of electronic and computer music and film by local, national and international artists.
  • Emerging Fields Forum showcases the leading edge practice of internationally renowned media artists.
  • ARI workshops skill participants to set up and manage Artist Run Initiatives.