Media States Forum

An in-depth investigation of media arts intervention into public debates and spaces. The day focuses thematically on projects, perspectives and networks which intersect across urban, regional and biological arenas.

Bewore of the God
Beware of the God
Deborah Kelly
venue State Library of SA,
Lecture Theatre,
Institute Building
date 14 March, 10am - 5pm
cost FREE

[ URBAN STATE ] Session 1 | 10am - 12pm

Working in public artists intervene into city and communications space, with mobile phone videos and games, unexpected guerilla style urban projections, architecturally embedded sound bytes and videos in mass transportation arenas such a railway stations .

is a cross-media artist who works with politics in public.
DAVID CRANSWICK has been Director of dLux media arts since 2003
CATH CANTLON is currently Public Art Officer at the Adelaide City Council
ROBIN MINARD is a sound installation artist whose work has been presented in major festivals, museums and public spaces worldwide.

[ BIO STATE ] Session 2 | 1pm - 2.30pm | Keynote STEVE KURTZ (USA)

What is the state of our future? Artist STEVE KURTZ of the internationally renowned CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE makes artworks, which engage with the biotechnology revolution. He is currently much in the public eye after the FBI seized a biological art work-in-progress for an exhibition, as part of an investigation into alleged terrorist activity. Initially held as asuspected bioterrorist, which raised outcries from the art and general community, he is now charged with mail and wire fraud to obtainin biological agents under false pretences.

[ REGIONAL STATE ] Session 3 | 3pm - 5pm

Positioning Australia as a key leader in the Asia Pacific Media Arts community we look at the tapestry of residential projects and networking across the region. This session will contribute to the themes, concepts and structure for the PACIFIC RIM NEW MEDIA SUMMIT (PRNMS) at ISEA International Media Arts Festival and Symposium in San Jose in 2006.

ALISON CARROLL is the Director of the Arts Program Asialink, University of Melbourne
is Curator of Artists' Week 2006 and co-Chair of PRNMS Working Group
KIM MACHAN is based in Brisbane and is Director of Multimedia of Art Asia Pacific
ROGER MALINA is an astrophysicist and editor, and serves as Chairman of the Board of LEONARDO, The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology